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So here I sit, rainy, darkish day, but warm inside. I have a candle burning here on my desk and the whole room smells like apples. Songs have been wafting into my mind today as I drove around town on my errands. Songs about love and longing, about the powerful pull, almost like the moon has on the tides, that love can be in our lives. Why is that pull so strong? Why do we seek our whole lives to find that missing piece? Is it a memory from the womb, when it was warm and we were tethered there floating happily connected to our placenta, all our needs met and our hunger satiated? My mind wandered to connections, how everything in the universe is connected. I have known this innately for many many years now , plus I have studied interdependence and symbiosis in depth in the life sciences I have chosen to pursue in my past lines of work. But I also feel it spiritually too and recently I am  learning ever more about the interconnectedness of our thoughts, our feelings and how much power these things have not only within ourselves but on everything around us.

Connection. Ever just think of that word? It is a large force in itself. Is connection the counterweight to balance? As we walk the tightrope that is our path, it is almost as if our connection to our higher self, a higher power is the golden lifeline that keeps us there upon the line we walk, centered, balanced and ready to take the next step. Without some feeling of connection, some sense of belonging we drift aimlessly. Goals are harder to discern. Our true selves are harder to see without mirrors. So maybe it isn’t just about love, as I have always imagined. Maybe just as big a motivator as love is connection.

When we find a special connection to a place, a person, a thing we call it a passion. Passion then might be the desire to connect. The desire to relive the intense feelings of connection that cause us to be centered and balanced and allow us to freefall and open our hearts to love. So often love and passion go hand in hand. Why have we forgotten connection? It is the missing ingredient in so many relationships. Unfulfilling work is work without passion, doing something day in and day out that you feel no connection to. Unfulfilling relationships are relationships without passion or chemistry… living with and for someone day in and day out with whom you do not have the necessary connection. Unfulfilling food, something you eat just because it is there. No passion for it, no connection to it… it does not nourish you on all levels. So just as passion is the presence of  a strong connection….so unfulfillment then could be seen as the lack of connection.

Have you ever truly felt connected? To yourself, to nature and the earth, to community, to other people, to your family, to that one special person who makes your heart sing? Connection draws you closer, pulls you in, gives you joy beyond measure. When you find the work you are connected to, every day is a chance to get up and learn more, do more, enjoy more of that connection. When you make time to buy and prepare the food your body loves most, every meal is a celebration of health and connection to the earth. When you find that person that you connect with on many levels, intimacy flows freely as you create a sacred space around your hearts of saftey, warmth, trust and love. You feed one another, you grow together, you lift each other higher every chance you get. It comes naturally. This connection spurs passion. The need and desire to feel that connection make you want to be where your love is. This connection is the force that drives the acts of love you hear about… writing love songs, love letters spanning years, driving across the country to meet him, picking a flower to put in her hair. Feeding the connection, the purpose of passion… which in turn leads to intimacy and love. Love is the culmination of both people feeling, responding to and enabling that connection with passion, warmth and desire.

When we are connected we think nothing of dedicating our life to that connection. Life work, hobbies, interpersonal relationships, all come easier when the connection we need is present.

Think of how life is without connection. What do you feel when you lose your internet connection? Your love connection? Your work connection? Your connection to the beauty of the planet, nature, the universe. Frustration, sadness, drifting, lack of motivation, anger, stress of all kinds…

Connection… its a big deal. Lacking it is the cause of most ills. Being open to it and finding it is the cure.

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