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Wondering about Wandering


Wondering about Wandering

Relationships… what do we truly want from them?

Can one person be all we need? Is it even fair to ask one person to try to be all we need?

There has to be diversity in life, changing scenery, something to compare things to. How would we know what we truly have if we never experienced anything else. Would vanilla truly be vanilla if we never tasted spice upon our tongue?

I guess these are questions of a mind that wanders, a seeker of truth and excitement, and more.

It seems most people live in the cradle of their making, with one other person for years and years on end. Why is that so hard to fathom for me?

I have tried it, I have lived it… but eventually discontent. So far no strategy to combat that.

Is there one special man out there for me that would make all these desires go away, that could fulfill me enough that the grass around our love would always be the greenest?

How do you hold  love together when both he and I have these same issues? Trust is the victim having been slaughtered over and over in our minds and in actions that set the dominoes tumbling every time. Same needs, same obsessive thoughts of wanting more, more, more, all the time. Intensity junkies wanting the thrill of the chase, the allure of seduction, the primal beat of lust and love coursing through our veins… can we sustain that? Wouldn’t it be fun to try? Are we strong enough to try, to risk it all for our love?

Is it really a case of not appreciating what you have, or is it more not being able to fulfill some vague need within. Something probably that should be filled by the self and not the other?

So many theories exist on this. Lot of books about it… lots of marriages and relationships fail because of it.

I have to wonder… can a soulmate cure wanderlust? Can a twin flame light the way so brightly that all else pales in comparison.

Am I ready to find out? Are you?

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