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First Steps

20090215-IMG_0068smallSometimes in the general scheme of things the first step is the hardest. For every mountain that appears before us the decision to climb it or go around it lays at our feet like crumbs in the trail. The courage to take the first step in either direction is liberating and lets the mind soar. It’s the hovering , the indecision that can make the mountain seem higher than it actually is. Once that first step is taken little by little the steps fall into place.

The application process for a job or to a college seems daunting. As does that first step down the isle when your feet feel frozen to the earth and your heart races and your dreams fly high.  It’s not the words or the procedure that makes it so, as much as the commitment and emotion, the meaning that taking action in that direction brings.

So too with leaving someone you love behind. Having to walk away when your heart wants to stay. That first step is almost paralyzing. Moving to your first apartment, lovers parting, putting your child on the school bus for the first time, filing for divorce, watching your grandparent die…first steps in the process of letting go.

I guess life is a series of first steps in new directions. First steps we take alone, like we did on our first birthday…. Or with others hand in hand like we did with our first love walking along the peaceful path in the woods. Life is a series of mountains to climb, first steps lifting us up the mountain with confidence and accumulated experience.

At the top of the mountain we look back. We see our steps, we see the marks they have left on our lives, our personalities, our souls and we know that each step was taken in exactly the spot it should have been. We learn that all things are for a reason and each first step is just one in the series that amount to where we are now…. Taking one giant leap of faith into the future…trusting the universe, our intuition, ourselves… one step at a time.

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