Sage Thoughts

Pondering with purpose…


Hind Sight


Wouldn’t it be great if we could consistently recognize our mistakes as we made them?

See ourselves clearly in the present without the fog of motives, agenda,worry or needs. How often do we look back at the stages of our lives and think… If I had only been stronger, that decision would have changed my life.

I see now how dysfunctional, immature, unyielding I was in that situation or relationship.

Wouldn’t it be great if every time we made a choice we oculd mentally see a red or green light, a sign that we are on the right path?

Crossroads appear. Who we are at that time in life determines the road that we take.

What if SHOULD did not exist. And all we had to work with was want. Doing only what we want to do? What would happen? How would life be? Would what we want change when it became the focus and not just the stolen thought or moment?

I guess it’s all in our perspective. Today might be a good day to try to see in a different light.

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