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What does it take to commit? To throw yourself wholeheartedly into something.

Trust, Faith, Desire to be one with the thing you commit to. For some, commitment is a trial. A struggle to stay with the program. It can be as simple as finishing what you start. Seeing a project to fruition. Getting to that last page in a book.

The tolerance to Commitment varies.

Some avoid it their entire lives. Moving from one unfinished project, relationship, idea, to the next.

Others dive in sure they can remain consistent… only to fail.

Then there are the ones who breeze through. Starting, finishing, building, giving all to the one goal. The end product, the result. They get the fruit.

Can there be fruit in your basket without the ability to commit to the harvest? I guess that is the question we all struggle with at one time or another. Is there a shortcut to happiness, to validation, to meshing with success?

Does it make it harder for the peach to ripen uncommitted or is time more influencital than commitment in bringing things to pass?

Maybe those of us who shy from commitment, in the end, find that time and patience can get us the prize too? Or maybe just being there, present, over time is the magic.

Without the word, or the promise of Commitment, are we committed anyway…but see it only in hindsight?

Maybe with this as in all things, it’s the actions, not the word.

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  1. September 16th, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    Ascending Eagle says:

    Interesting musings. All very thought provoking. That C word has always scared me, but I am starting to see the beauty in it, and how it can lead to creation. Without commitment chaos looms large on levels beyond just relationships.

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