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Ah, a nice rainy day! I love rainy days because they seem to cause a mood of introspection in me. I think best in this mood. Today like just about every day I awoke thinking about relationships, life and what it all means.

I have often heard that people are mirrors for us. I have begun to see this clearly as I date different people and enjoy new things. I have always seen this to an extent in my family and friend relationships, each person seems to trigger something different within me. I am not a chameleon person though, as some people seem easily able to become whoever they are with. What I am talking about is not that phenomenon.

I guess what the mirror concept means to me is that we are energy and light. We all have our own vibration, so to speak, and the people that we meet light up different parts of us to shine more brilliantly. Dating, I think, is the process of finding someone who helps us shine most brightly as who we truly are. Someone to bring out our best qualities and help us understand ourselves even better through interaction with them. Over time, if we are lucky, we find that person that makes us feel most like ourselves, who accepts us and appreciates us for who we are, even our differences. Again if we are lucky, we do the same for them. It is like looking in the mirror and seeing parts of who you want to become mixed with parts of who you already are or have been.

It is fun to pay attention to this. Next time you meet someone new, notice what parts of you are being lit up. Are those the parts you want to shine to the world? Can this person bring that out in you and help you be more than you are, even in the slightest of ways?

Here is to increasing my brightness, one day at a time…

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